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A Program In Selling With Emotional Intelligence

Salespeople often face unique interpersonal challenges (interacting with others) and intrapersonal challenges (inside themselves). Successful salespeople have a great emotional intelligence foundation. They also understand that people buy emotionally and defend it logically.

Sales skills training is good, it is important skills that need to be executed daily. Yet sales skills in the hands of a salesperson with a low developed emotional intelligence can be problematic inside and outside of your company.

An overview of the program follows below.

About the Program

With Marcus van Wyk.

Africa’s Leader in Applied Emotional Intelligence Training & Development

Genos International certified emotional intelligence practitioner.

This workshop will provide you with insight into how important it is that you demonstrate emotionally intelligent sales behaviour. This workshop is designed to help you apply the skills of emotional intelligence and, in doing so, improve your impact, influence, resilience and sales productivity. You will also get an insight into how well you currently demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour. You will get practical tips on how to obtain additional feedback from others on your emotional intelligence and how to effectively respond to it. You will have insight into feeling less stressed and better equipped to positively influence the decisions, behaviour and performance of those you work with. Today, ideas get an audience immediately and emotionally intelligent salespeople tend to be thinkers and thinkers have ideas.

Industry is at the feet of thinkers, begging for ideas. Stagnant minds are the greatest obstacles to progress. The big prizes are for those who dare to think hard, to think often, to think creatively and think differently about things. This is where the sales kings are. It is the power of indulgent influence. Daring people can’t afford not to think. Daring to do something is the backbone of a company and its people.

What You Will Learn.

✓ Sales Self Awareness. Sales Self-Awareness is about being aware of the sales behaviour you demonstrate, your sales strengths and sales limitations, and the impact you have on others and customers.
✓ Sales Awareness of Others. Sales Awareness of others is about noticing and acknowledging others, ensuring others feel valued, and adjusting your sales style to best fit with others. It will improve your needs analysis and listening skills. It will teach you how people buy and decide.
✓ Sales Self-Management. Sales Self-Management is about managing one’s own mood and emotions; time and behaviour; and continuously improving oneself. Learn to manage yourself within time and do the most productive thing every moment of the day.
✓ Sales Authenticity. Sales Authenticity is about openly and effectively expressing yourself and honouring commitments and encouraging this behaviour in others. It will improve your sales presentation and demonstration tactics and closing the deal.
✓ Sales Emotional Reasoning. Sales Emotional reasoning is the skill of using emotional information (from yourself and others) and combining it with other facts and information when decision-making, problem-solving, promoting, recognising and supporting your efforts to get ahead in the sales game.
✓ Sales Positive Influence. Positive influence is about positively influencing the way others feel through problem-solving, providing feedback and recognising and supporting others’ work.

The competencies, shown in yellow on the below model, help us consistently demonstrate the productive being states on the right side of the model, as opposed to the unproductive being states, that we can all be at times, on the left side of the model.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Be better equipped to build a more productive sales day.
  • Feel less stressed and better equipped to manage high work demands.
  • Demonstrate greater self-awareness and awareness of others and understand how people buy emotionally.
  • Demonstrate improved empathy and self-management and learn to close deals with empathy.
  • Improve your personal resilience and be better equipped to build a more productive workplace.

Need More Information?


Call: +27 82 685 8896

Audience, Duration and Format

This program is suitable for all sales-related individuals in the workplace.

A one day or two day advanced facilitated workshop including:

 A sales emotionally intelligent assessment completed as pre-work.
➢ Inspirational content.
➢ Participative methods.
➢ Experiential scenarios.
➢ Role-play based applications.
➢ Optional post-program coaching.

Pricing Value

ZAR 2000.00 Per Person and includes all training materials and the sales emotional intelligence assessment.

This program is suitable for all sales-related individuals in the workplace.

A one day facilitated workshop including:

➢ An emotionally intelligent assessment completed as pre-work.
➢ Inspirational content.
➢ Participative methods.
➢ Experiential scenarios.
➢ Role-play based applications.
➢ Post-program action learning project.
➢ Optional post-program coaching.

Contact Marcus

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