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Marcus is the founder of Power Assessments International.
A Breakthrough in Human Assessment Sciences.

Power Assessments International is a South African-based company and helps companies globally develop high performance in the workplace. By using the most technologically advanced state-of-the-art assessments available today, Power Assessments help organisations create high performing workplaces through a scientifically validated understanding of their most valuable assets — their people.

The assessments are used for:

1. Hiring & Selection
2. Emotional Intelligence Development
3. Workforce and Morale Development
4. Leadership Development
5. Workforce and Leader Compatibility
6. Team and Organisational Development
7. Integrity and Work Ethic

Conducted online globally, the selection of assessments is available in various languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and Italian. The assessments stand at the forefront of groundbreaking human assessment science. The reports are available immediately and have distortion scales to establish if people were frank and candid in completing the assessment.

With the best practise assessment advice, you can hire the right people and develop them to their richest potential. Power Assessments International can work with you to address your company’s most pressing concerns when it comes to your most valuable assets. YOUR PEOPLE!


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