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A Conference Masterclass in Body Language Science

IMAGINE if YOU had the ABILITY to INFLUENCE people BECAUSE of YOUR body language skills. What could you KNOW by just looking at people? And by knowing what could you ACHIEVE? Can you tell if someone is telling the truth by just looking at their body language? Can you tell when the customer is about to buy by looking at their body language? Can you tell if someone likes you? Can you persuade others by using your body language? Are you aware of how your body language affects other people in meetings or in a social environment?

Conference Masterclass Series.
One hour engagement.
Explore the overview and outcomes below.

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An Overview of the Masterclass

Body language is the sum of all the movements you make while listening and talking. Not many people have or understand the skill of body language. Interpreting body language is a remarkable skill that will strengthen and reinforce anyone’s career and life.

What You Will Learn About

You will learn how body language makes up 55% of your message.

  • Actual words  –  7%
  • Tone, Speed, Pitch  – 38%
  • Body Language  – 55%

And You Will Also Learn About

  • Reading and applying Body Language in sales persuasion, the workplace, home and in a social environment.
  • Communicating with Body Language.
  • Common Mistakes in Body Language.
  • Lying and Body Language.
  • Understanding and improving your own Body Language.
  • Syncing words to Body Language.
  • Understand cultural differences.
  • Lean about facial expression, and translating visible gestures into words.
  • Learn about posture, and power dressing.
  • Learn about subliminal mirroring.
  • Learn about different hand shakes.
  • Learn about closing a sale with Body Language.
  • Learn about attraction and Body Language


This program is suitable for all individuals who want to improve their personal and interpersonal skills.

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