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One of the noble things about having a higher developed emotional intelligence is the capability to develop discernment.  Discernment is your acumen in judging an opinion that you hear. What is being said and not how it is being said can be discerned by you at that moment of impact. Many opinions are loaded with a substantial amount of emotions and in today’s world of tweeting, twerking and texting we even have emojis to bring across our emotional state of mind to our audiences.

If you develop your emotional intelligence then not only will you become a discerned listener, but you will become a discerned speaker. Your responses will be better and more strengthened because you have listened to what is being said and not how an opinion is being stated. This is literally the difference between good and great people within organisations today. Organizations need people desperately that can discern first and then react sensibly. That is the power that a highly developed emotional intelligence brings.

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