Marcus van Wyk  © 2021

When we examine the opinions of people, it often comes as no surprise that in those people which we regard the most essential, nothing is rarer than common sense; the part of human judgment that sufficiently helps us to know the most simple truths, to reject the most striking absurdities, and to be shocked by clear contradictions. It’s important to be successful as a human being and not just a successful human being. Common sense is an important contributor to the deal with the perils in life. – Marcus van Wyk

Your most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening: those which, when shared, multiply. Your least valuable possessions are those which when divided are diminished.

If rumours were true, it would have fewer appeals for the ignorant. They need obscurity, riddles, legends, wonders, unimaginable things to keep their minds perpetually at work. – Marcus van Wyk

Strengthen your human reasoning by examining and investigating things for yourself. To accept the appalling ignorance of other people as “truth”, will be an abysmal tragedy. You have a brain, use the darn thing. Read, observe, become wise.  – Marcus van Wyk

Define yourself, based on what you think your version is, not based on other people’s versions of you. Think for yourself. Reinvent. HOW you think is a bit more important than WHAT you think. A Zebra cannot be a Lion, it just can’t. – Marcus van Wyk

One way of improving your discernment is to understand HOW people think about things, and not so much WHAT they think. – Marcus van Wyk

To learn something is one thing, to question what you learn and obligation. – Marcus van Wyk

The lack of critical thinking abilities of the past, the present and the future will lead to negative judgment. We can clearly see it in society today. – Marcus van Wyk

Your rational appropriation of knowledge is important. Don’t follow blindly the call of the populist. Learn, discern, act accordingly. – Marcus van Wyk

Education will not jump at you. You must get it. – Marcus van Wyk

Don’t do things that are unappealing to you. Follow your inherent interests, strengths and gifts. – Marcus van Wyk

Old traditions are good, as are past virtues and values. Reminiscence is natural. Tales of yesteryear are stirring. This is however 2021. Many old traditions, virtues and values don’t apply in the present. They belong to another age and generation. Modern society can become victims if continually led by people who have not caught up with modern requirements. A revolution brews. – Marcus van Wyk

When your outer life resonates with your inner life then you will understand purpose. Only then. – Marcus van Wyk

You’re either a creator of criticism or a creator of critical thinking. There is a vast difference between those two things. Position yourself wisely. – Marcus van Wyk

You want a new way? Get yourself a new formula. It’s difficult, I know, but sometimes it’s the only thing that works. – Marcus van Wyk

You learn from everyone you meet, either on how to be or on how not to be. – Marcus van Wyk

Strengthen your human reasoning by examining and investigating things for yourself. To accept the appalling ignorance of other people as “truth”, will be an abysmal tragedy. You have a brain, use the darn thing. Read, observe, become wise. – Marcus van Wyk

Uncritically believing something, whether religious, political, social or in business, is a perilous affair. Learn to test what you hear. Learn to discern. Deception can be instantaneous. Deception is mind-crushing. Deception fuels another deception. Mass deception leads to a dangerous place. – Marcus van Wyk

You don’t have to respect opinions, but developing a tolerance for them is important. Your tolerance brings with it a rational mind, a mind that listens. – Marcus van Wyk

Start with the consequences, then decide. – Marcus van Wyk

The more emotional investment you make in blindly believing anything or anyone, the less critical and observant you become. Indoctrination follows. – Marcus van Wyk

Blindly believing rumours takes away the need to think, then very soon after, the capacity to think. – Marcus van Wyk

The more extravagant a rumour appears, the more power it wields. The ignorant consider themselves compelled to place no limits on their acceptance of the rumour. The more extraordinary the rumour is, the more wonderful it is, the more merit it gives for believing it. I say discern everything you hear. Question everything. Research things. Decide. – Marcus van Wyk

To deconstruct yourself from a belief system that has held you captive can be an arduous task. Press through. You will alight on the other side a new person full of hope and promise. – Marcus van Wyk

Everyone fights their inner ‘demons’. There is not one person on this planet who has not had them. You are not unique. This is a reality. Do some research on people that have fought their ‘demons’ and won. Learn and live a little better. – Marcus van Wyk

The worst deterioration in humans comes from the neglect and denial of the role of reasoning and choice. Deceivers of the human race have always encouraged this neglect. – Marcus van Wyk

If someone says to you, “don’t read that book” then rush to get it. Read. Learn Discern. – Marcus van Wyk

Don’t be the puppet of someone else’s game. Don’t surrender your will to the master. Cut the strings. Learn the game for yourself. Think critically. – Marcus van Wyk

Never be afraid to read books that challenge your beliefs. It might surprise you. – Marcus van Wyk

Eat the meat and spit out the bones. Read and listen to whatever you can. Take what you can use and eliminate the rest. – Marcus van Wyk

That deep desire you feel do something important comes from your inherent strengths, gifts and interests. It’s a fire that can’t be put out. Explore it. – Marcus van Wyk

Don’t appease the non-existent things in your life. Appease the actual things that help you grow like your inherent strengths, gifts and interests.  – Marcus van Wyk

Your inherent strengths, gifts, and interests are not found in the realm of blind faith or subservient belief. It is found in the realm of your life. Your genetics. It’s in you. It’s permanent. It’s real, not magic. If you pour your emotional energy into the development of these strengths, gifts and interests, then the outcomes you so desire for your life will take care of itself. And that is more powerful than anything else. Go for it.  – Marcus van Wyk

Read anything you want. Simple, really. You will be informed and you can make up your own mind. – Marcus van Wyk

No one has exclusive possession of the truth. Period. Protect yourself by reading, listening, observing as much as you can. Target your future rationale. You’re going to need it. – Marcus van Wyk

I like the credo of the Spanish Civil War, ‘Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’ – Marcus van Wyk

Ask why, how, when, if, where. Get balance. – Marcus van Wyk

The moment anyone asks you to ignore human reason and replace it with a dogma of any sort, then know that you are being defrauded of your freedom to think for yourself. Be a rebel and resist. Activate your mental firewall. – Marcus van Wyk

Computers have firewalls and for good reason. Our minds need them too. Build yours. It is known as discernment. It will help you be aware of deliberate dogma aimed at shackling you. Discernment helps you to be a freethinker no matter what you see and read. Your mind, your business. – Marcus van Wyk

Take responsibility. It’s a good thing to do. It clears the way for critical thinking. It gives you the edge. A rebel is born. – Marcus van Wyk

Don’t get enslaved by doctrine of any sort. Slaves can’t choose. You’re not a slave. Snap out of it. Be a free thinker. It’s the mark of freedom. – Marcus van Wyk

It does not matter who the person is. Do not accept face value just because you trust their title or them. Ask. Question. Find fact. Respond. -Marcus van Wyk

Think critically about everything religious, political, social. Think, think, think. Make a move. – Marcus van Wyk

You don’t HAVE to do anything. It’s your life. Always. Think critically. Don’t be conned. – Marcus van Wyk

Question everything. Don’t accept anything as true unless you have seen the facts. Read. learn. Influence. – Marcus van Wyk

Recognise the rebel in you. It will work for you beautifully. – Marcus van Wyk

Make peace with the fact that not everybody is going to change for the better. You can’t force them to change. Work on yourself. Read. Learn. Question. Influence – Marcus van Wyk