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The Sales Behaviour Emotional Intelligent Assessment

Salespeople high in emotional intelligence are able to reflect on their own emotions and adjust them to best fit with the buyer and situation they are dealing with them in. They can anticipate and plan sales interactions to help ensure the buyer feels valued and confident in dealing with them. Salespeople with high emotional intelligence are more capable of regulating their own emotions, adapting, and influencing the emotions of buyers in a subtle way that brings about positive interactions. Emotional intelligence can and should be developed and improved over time. All that is required is a desire to improve, a foundation of self- awareness and practice. The personalised Sales Report is designed to provide this foundation of self-awareness. It is the starting point for a developmental journey.

The assessment measures:

1. Self-Awareness – your capacity to identify your own emotions and be aware of the impact they are having on your decisions and behaviour.
2. Awareness of Others – your capacity to perceive and understand the emotions of buyers. This capacity helps salespeople read the non-verbal emotional behaviour of buyers and adapt their presentation accordingly (from informal to formal for example).
3. Authenticity – your capacity to effectively express how you feel and facilitate authentic dialogue with buyers.
Emotional Reasoning – your capacity to use emotional data gathered from Self-
4. Awareness and Awareness of Others and combine it with other objective information when decision-making in sales calls.
Self-Management – your capacity to effectively regulate and manage your emotions. Sales by its very nature generates considerable emotion, particularly disruptive emotions like stress, uncertainty, impatience and over-confidence.
5. Positive Influence – your capacity to positively influence the emotions of buyers. Buying products and services is high stakes and this pressure can create heightened emotions in buyers.

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