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What makes top achievers, top achievers? There are numbers of things that differentiate top achievers from the under achievers. It could be how they deal with fear, or how they deal with rejection. It is also about how different people develop motivation and dig deep to win. Let Marcus take you on a fascinating journey into winning in sales. It’s about things that are never taught in traditional sales skills training.

A one or two hour engagement

Overview of the the talk

This is a great session by Marcus on the The Psychology Behind Sales Success. Some of the things Marcus speaks about are:

  • Dare to stand among the greats.
  • The four mind sets of great sales reps.
  • Selling to succeed and not to survive.
  • Emotional intelligence in sales.
  • How to deal with fear.

This is truly a fantastic insightful and motivational session for all people attending.

This talk is about the psychology behind sales success. It’s about knowing the things about successful sales that go beyond the traditional sales skill. It’s about the bigger picture in a sales career. It’s about things that are never taught in traditional sales skills training Success in sales does not only happen in an environment of perfect harmony but happens most times when there is conflict and pressure. Top sales people are skilled enough to navigate themselves through periods of good and bad times.