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Recruitment/Selection Emotional Intelligence Assessment

From selecting and hiring new employees, to transitioning and development existing team members. This assessment can be accurately integrated with other assessments in the recruiting and selection process.





Product Overview

Measuring emotional intelligence should be added to talent management and hiring processes, not to replace other strategies but to strengthen an existing process. Yes, you still need a comprehensive hiring plan, but what’s now clear to business leaders everywhere is that emotional intelligent skills and behaviours are as important as your intellect, experience and background in determining success at work and in life.
The case for emotional intelligence is clear. Successful organisations all over the world are now incorporating emotional intelligence into the development of their people and their leaders. There’s also a wide variety of research and articles on the importance of hiring FOR emotional intelligence. But in all those blogs and pieces of content, authors don’t talk about HOW to hire for emotional intelligence.
When we understand our own emotions and the emotions of others – it’s a win-win situation. Our relationships grow, we become more resilient, and able to handle stress more effectively. Far too many employees lack basic selfawareness and social skills and too often, people aren’t aware of how their moods and emotions are impacting others in the workplace.