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The 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment

The 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment provides a 360° assessment of how well a leader demonstrates emotionally intelligent leadership behaviour in comparison to others. The result is a reliable and valid measure of emotional intelligence from the most credible source available: those who see the leader in action every day.  A unique feature of the 360° EI Leadership Feedback Report is that it provides leaders with two sets of feedback: feedback about the quality of their leadership in comparison to others, as well as unique feedback on how important emotionally intelligent leadership behaviour is to the people they lead. Research demonstrates emotional intelligence is an important leadership attribute. This context-specific feedback signals its relative importance in the ever-changing and fast-paced environments in which leadership is now performed. Validating the assessment each time it is used, these two sets of feedback engage the leader in a point-in-time, context-specific development journey.

The assessments six emotional intelligent competencies:

1. Self-Awareness: Self-awareness is about being aware of the behaviour you demonstrate, your
strengths and limitations, and the impact you have on others.
2. Awareness Of Others: Awareness of others is about noticing and acknowledging others, ensuring
others feel valued and adjusting one’s own style to best fit with others.
3. Authenticity: Authenticity is about openly and effectively expressing oneself, honouring
commitments and encouraging this behaviour in others.
4. Emotional Reasoning: Emotional reasoning is about using the information in feelings (from
oneself and others), and combining it with other facts and information when decision-making.
5. Self-Management: Self-Management is about managing one’s own mood and emotions; time
and behaviour; and continuously improving oneself.
6. Inspiring Performance: Inspiring Performance is about facilitating high performance in others
through problem-solving, promoting, recognising and supporting others’ work.