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According to Joshua Freedman and Paul Stilman in their publication ‘A business case for emotional intelligence’, small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide are experimenting with emotional intelligence training in a variety of applications. A few larger examples by market capitalization:

Qatar Airways ($153B): customer experience, leadership development
Aramex (5B): leadership development experience, leadership development leadership development
Almarai ($42B): leadership, sales
Google ($515B): mindfulness for effectiveness
Adobe ($47B): hiring technical experts who are collaborative
LinkedIn ($15B): culture building
Facebook ($323B): raising awareness for anti-bullying
BMW ($50B): leadership development
Fifth Third Bancorp ($13B): leadership across the organization
Eli Lilly ($80B): sales hiring
FedEx ($44B): leadership development in Express
Intel ($151B): people leadership for technical experts
GE Life ($4B): leadership development
Johnson & Johnson ($296B): performance evaluation,succession planning
Microsoft ($438B): customer service leadership
Motorola ($13B): stress management, training
Roche Pharmaceutical ($200B): team development, customer service training.
Shell ($192B): leadership development
Singapore Airlines ($13B): customer service
Whitbread PLC ($7B): management training, hiring
MayBank ($88B): leadership culture
Amazon ($277B): people leadership for technical experts

The emotional intelligent leader program

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