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You are a powerful being. You have the power to exceed, endure and be creative way beyond what you can ever imagine. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS. IT’S WITHIN YOUR REACH TO ATTAIN THE GOALS YOU DESIRE. You need to develop and use this power correctly. Understand it. Your power is only unleashed when it works in conjunction with what you can control. Never try to control the uncontrollable, it’s counter-productive and drains you of your energy and it renders you powerless. So, what can you control to unleash your power? Two things.

  1. Your emotional energy. Your ability to pour emotional energy
    into the quality of your work so that the outcome can take care of
    itself. Don’t pour your energy into outcomes as you can’t control
    outcomes. You can, however, control your ‘doing actions’ to reach
    acceptable outcomes. Quality work is powerful, your inner power
    comes from quality actions. The more you apply quality to your
    work the more powerful you become to achieve higher things. Your
    power helps you focus.
  2. Your emotional intelligence. Your ability to be aware of,
    control, and express your emotions, and to have exceptional
    interpersonal relationship skills. I assure you that, if you learn to
    control and express your emotions, you will be powerful beyond
    imagination. Emotionally intelligent people go places, they achieve
    greatness. True inner human power is available to you, it is not a
    mystical something only given to a few, anybody can develop it

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