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Thinking people are always giants.  Whenever people apprehend dogma with critical thinking, they immediately stand in the company of giants.  Thinkers are needed because to follow dogma like sheep and fall under its deadly charm does not bode well for anybody.  The undiscerning and prejudiced minds are but pawns in the hands of the herder who by his training knows that sheep follow even unto death.


Thinkers are discerners.  They have conquered by lifting their thoughts above the commonplace, above the sheep-like mentality.  They are rebels for many great causes.  Their prejudices removed, they are free to concentrate on things other people must still get around to.  Achievement is the crown of critical thinking,  consistent fruitful and directed critical thinking.  To achieve greatness in the business, political, spiritual, social and mental spheres, people must think and think critically.  The world is full of talkers, fighting for airtime, announcing their pearls of wisdom to a gullible audience.  The world is moved forward by thinkers, those who provide an alternative to the dogma of the everyday talkers.  We need options and solutions, those who genuinely think or are allowed to think will contribute the fuel needed to ensure forward movement.


Begin to stand in the company of giants.



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