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Yes it is scary the way people behave at work and in particularity in meetings. Everybody wants their say and everybody wants a ‘piece of the pie’. Meetings are often just a conduit for the expression of anger instead of the giving and taking of ideas. How many times have you said to yourself that today you will be calm and not act childishly at work, however it does not turn out the way you planned because there is someone that will piss you off. Losing control is a choice and shows your timidity rather than your ‘fearlessness’.

One of the best virtues you will ever possess as a human is wisdom and to develop your wisdom is to manage your emotions in yourself and in others.

  1. Be present and not disconnected – Don’t Sulk.
  2. Be empathetic and not insensitive – Listen to what is being said and not how it is being said.
  3. Be genuine and not untrustworthy – It involves honestly expressing specific feelings at work, such as happiness and frustration, providing feedback to colleagues about the way you feel, and sharing emotions at the right time, to the right degree and, to the right people.
  4. Be expansive and not limited – Take your blinkers off and see the bigger picture.
  5. Be resilient and not temperamental – Your mood can be very infectious and can, therefore, be a powerful force in the workplace; productively or unproductively.
  6. Be empowering and not indifferent – Encourage colleagues to cooperate and work effectively together. 

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