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No plan is worth the paper it is printed on unless it starts you doing something.  People with a highly developed emotional intelligence know that you CAN’T EAT PLANS.  The decision to execute is where emotionally intelligent people do differ and have an edge, that is because of one of the skills of emotional intelligence called emotional reasoning. Emotional reasoning is about using the information in feelings (from yourself and others) when decision-making. It involves considering your own and others’ feelings when making decisions, combining the information in feelings with facts and technical information, and communicating this decision-making process to others.

Feelings and emotions contain important information. It is key to decision making, for example, the level of commitment colleagues demonstrate often provides insight into whether a decision is going to be supported; the emotional appeal of products and services often provides insight into selling and marketing messages. When this type of emotional information is combined with facts and technical information, people make expansive, creative, and well-thought-out decisions. Conversely, people who do not use emotional information, and focus on facts or technical information only, tend to be limited in their decision-making.

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