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There is a lovely African quote I read recently and it said: ” Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?’  Can you remember? Those deep genuine thoughts of what you wanted to become. A Farmer, A Preacher, An Archaeologist, A Ballet Dancer, A Lecturer, A Missionary, A Doctor,  A Game Ranger, A Business Person, A Public Speaker, A Politician, A Lawyer, A Writer, An Entrepreneur.    It really could have been anything.  I would say those things that you wanted to become were a deeper calling on your life and linked to your purpose on this earth for the short while that you are here.

But then things changed, and people said to you, ‘Hey , those interests you have are not worth following because you are To Stupid, To Short, To Tall, To Black, To White, To Indian, To Coloured, To Female, To Male, to Religious, to Straight, to Gay.  These same people also said ‘ there is no money it’  or  ‘you better follow the family tradition’ or ‘no!that career will bring shame on the family’ or ‘ don’t be ridiculous’ or ‘ you just don’t have the talent’ or ‘ that’s only for high IQ people’.

You took the ‘advice’ and followed the sheep. Many of us took the ‘advice’ when we were very young.

But I need to tell you that your deeper calling is always calling you. It never goes away. It is that still voice that talks to you. It nudges you. You look and you smile, you feel content because you recognise that voice that calls you.   Often you say to yourself and other people ‘I should have become that, but I ended up doing something else’

I don’t think it’s ever to late to start and go the path you wanted to go in the first place. It will give you a sense of peace and prosperity. Many people have changed course and are living purposeful lives.

Marcus van Wyk

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