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Anger is a powerful emotion in you and dangerous if not managed intelligently. Some people look at it in terms of righteous and unrighteous anger, and because of that outlook it justifies the most ridiculous physical and verbal violence.  The smallest thing can ignite anger in people and in some it takes a while before it explodes. Anger is anger and it gets directed from people towards people and other living things.  Anger no matter how it is justified can be the most unproductive affair particularly in the workplace.  People are angry even before they arrive at work.  They go to bed angry and they wake up angry. If people remain angry it has the most devastating physiological and psychological effects and will contribute to total dysfunction in the workplace.  Think for a couple of seconds about the people you work with and who is always angry at something or somebody.

Learning how to intelligently manage emotions is one of the most powerful training interventions any organization can do for their people.  The evidence is increasingly compelling. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance. Emotional intelligence may be essential to differentiating world-class organizations in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. Companies have demonstrated that using emotional intelligence in training and organizational change initiatives can reduce costs associated with staff turnover, absenteeism, and low performance.

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