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Before I get to the 4 tips on how to face the unknown, just a couple remarks on fear: Healthy fear isn’t bad. It protects us from stupidity. We know that if we stick our fingers into a live wall socket we will experience an electrical shock that might be fatal. It’s NOT AN UNKNOWN, it’s common sense.

While we are protected by a healthy fear, we are also dominated by unhealthy fear to the point where we are scared to attempt anything new. We get paralyzed by it. So, what keeps us from developing ourselves and our businesses effectively? We can sum it up in one word; the UNKNOWN.
We fear the UNKNOWN and we fear the bad results the unknown might produce, and that’s it. What if it doesn’t work? What if we get rejected? What? Where? Who? The list of negativity is endless … and while rummaging in your mind for possible results that don’t exist, you haven’t done anything yet. You are no better off than you were before pondering the unknown.

Now, imagine for a moment if the early space explorers stopped their work due to fear of the unknown. Imagine if the Wright brothers stopped experimenting with flying because of possible negative results the unknown might yield. These explorers and inventors embraced the unknown as part of the experimental process. They have all researched the unknown to gain better understanding of what factors might await them and to be more prepared in dealing with those factors better. So, let me ask you something. What if you embraced the unknown as part of your life?

What if you understood the unknown itself? What if you knew what was going to happen and what possible results the unknown might produce on your endeavours? What if you did what you planned on doing and the action you took paid off in a good way?

So, what must you do to face the unknown? It’s all about knowing.

 1. Don’t waste your energy on fighting fear. Alter your perception of the unknown and fear will fade automatically.
 2. Make peace with the unknown, it’s always going to be there. Embrace it as a vital part of your understanding of business.
 3. Research the unknown, then move forward with a calculated risk in reaching a goal. If you know the factors of and in the unknown you will build a better spaceship to protect yourself and to go further. Knowing the unknown provides you with such unusual clarity that it inspires ideas and equips you with the knowledge of what actions to take to achieve a positive result.
 4. Find people that have been to the unknown already, ask them. Get the upper hand on the unknown and its factors.

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