Contact Marcus at or call +27 082 855 4383       FB1.png - 13.05 KB      

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    Marcus is an experienced and powerful international conference speaker and can contribute effectively to your events. With a wide range of topics to choose from, you can be assured of a speaker that will have a huge impact.

    Rich Content and Popular Topics Marcus has been booked to speak on in order of popularity

    *I DARE YOU - How to change your life and habits and live a victorious life.
    *A walk on the wild side What we can learn from the African animals for our businesses.
    * 4 hour sales body language class
    *Change management - The only thing that's consistent - now deal with it.
    *Sales strategy - How out think competitors.
    *Critical thinking - How to create rational and disciplined thinkers for organisational development.
    *Leadership - How to lead in difficult and good times.
    *Motivation - How to instil motivational thinking in people.
    *Work/Life balance - How to get the balance.
    *Selling in a recession -  How to persuade and present solutions.
    *The makeup of successful people.
    *Shake hands with DESTINY.
    *Stand among the greats in your profession.
    *You are your greatest book.
    *Stand and deliver.
    *Split the night. - Work hard & play hard
    *Borrowed money, borrowed time.
    super-south_africa_hw.gif - 117.00 KBSouth African Conference Engagements
    Excludes flights and accommodation if applicable
    ZAR 10,000 / 120 minutes
    ZAR   7,000 /   60 minutes  

    glob.png - 98.48 KBInternational Conference Engagements
    Excludes flights & accommodation if applicable
    African States : US$ 700 / 120 minutes
    United States : US$ 700 / 120 minutes
    Europe / Britain : EUR 700 / 120 minutes
    Australia : AUD 1,000 / 120 minutes
    Singapore : SGD 1,200 / 120 minutes
    Canada : CAD 1,200 / 120 minutes  

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    Marcus is the developer of the powerful 360 blended training format for LEADERS, SALES LEADERS, SALES STAFF AND TEAMS. Marcus uses his human assessments to determine exact training needs. His assessments can accurately determine in a 360 sight the correct training intervention needed for fantastic results. Also see

    A sales skill 4.png - 134.12 KBSellChology Sales Academy.

    A leader 3.png - 143.11 KB
    The 6 Components of Leadership Success.

    A sales leader2.png - 139.39 KB
    The 7 Laws of Sales Management.

    A team1.png - 196.69 KB
    The 12 Factors of a Team.

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    Let Marcus come and share with you this incredible journey of the 4 SQUARE LIFE!!

    95% of people will be content as to where they are in life, because their plateau is comfortable. The next 4% will move on to a greater and higher level, and the 1% will
     reach the Kingly top in life. The 4% and 1% of people will never be held back until every unused capacity in them has been activated. If the habits of the 95% keep them on their plateau, then don’t you think, by sheer determination,YOU, with your human capacities can form a strong habit to live on the 4% level or rise magnificently to the Kingly 1% level. YOU need to become adventurous, get on a mission, start a fight, go from slave to king. Your life has 4 important components, Physical,Mental,Spiritual andSocial. These 4 components are sleeping giants that need to be awakened. Start developing these 4 components and begin to DARE to change, not think about it but DARE. 'Deep down you must light an urge that can never be put out' and 'to desire something permanent in life, to develop your gifts to the largest possible use, THATS YOUR DARE. Living right has a lasting kick in it.

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            Book Marcus now for an eye opening session of influence and insight. Booking is essential.
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What People Say About Marcus

  • Your sales course was inspirational and motivates me to strive higher, further, bigger, better and importantly that there is always opportunity in every situation. Thank you!
    Cian (Office automation sales)

  • "I must say Marcus , its the first training I ever had, that teaches you not to sell like a robot. I really appreciate your time & what I have learnt from you."
    (Quintin - IT sales )
  • 'Absolutley brilliant training to ensure we recruit, manage & train our people for maximum productivity, thanks Marcus you are indeed one of the best in South Africa in this subject matter'
    (Ian Clark - MD plastics industry)

  • "Marcus, I have never sold this well after I have been on a sales course. The tools you have provided me really works."
    (Conrad - Food sales)
  • "Marcus is a professional individual with a passion for identifying and training people to their full potential. I would recommend him to assist any company small or large to engage with Marcus's training."
    (Norman Smith - MD hygiene industry)
  • "Highly insightful, powerful & informative. I recommend Emotional Intelligence training to anybody who wants to become a top achiever."
    (Karin Clark - Chemical sales)
  • "His total new approach & fresh way of getting my staff to realise that the sky is really the limit, brought new vigour to my team.  Do I recommend Marcus and his services? If you want an Edge - ABSOLUTELY!"
    (Maryann van Awegen - motor retail)

  • Serious about sales people!
  • The Game Changer!
  • Serious about people!
  • Serious about selling!
  • Serious about growth!
  • Serious about change!
  • The Game Changer!

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